If you think the key to modern success is hidden in the past, think again. Nowadays the traditional is being thwarted by the modern. Every industry is changing at the speed of light to adapt to new practices, demands, and opportunities. It’s not the case that you have to adapt to the world anymore because it’s starting to adapt to us instead.

In this masterclass, we are going to consider how to monetise various talents and gifts you may have so that you can earn a passive income or perhaps one day we able to harmonise what you love with how you make a living!

In this masterclass we will

  • Learn – the principles of branding.
  • Learn – how to build confidence around our gifts and talents .
  • Learn –  how to think creatively about monetisation and consider different models for monetisation.


Online Session: Zoom – Details Upon Ticket Purchase

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We all dream of doing what we love for the rest of our lives. Writing, singing, teaching, looking after children, or even yodelling. Despite this, the reality of our lives is often very sobering. The day to day reality of many includes working in a job they hate, feel nothing about with a growing apathy as the ‘dream’ fades away with each passing day.

In 2017, of the 1133 adults surveyed, only 17% said they loved their job whilst 36% felt indifferent of hated their job. The statistics s bear witness to their choice we are often forced to make because of economic reality. However it is not all doom and gloom, there is a way out.

We are unabashed capitalists. Free marketeers. Supporters of entrepreneurial.

With heart. Lots of heart. But at the end of the day, money is one of the spiritual forces of this universe— constructed by the force, enormity and insistence of the will of human beings over centuries. It is the way we provide safety, show love and enjoy the richness of the world.

(That’s why I’m thrilled to partner with people who want to convert what they love, their talents and their gifts, into real-world value. Value that others want to be a part of.)

It wasn’t that long ago you could just put a crappy, uninspired product out and wrap it up with some zippy marketing and make a cool couple of million. Threads of this still exist today. Just look at pop country music. But that’s not you. You want to do it right. You want to maintain your integrity.

You may have skills or talents you find hard to promote or monetise. Not that it’s a bad thing… you are more than free to have a creative hobby. But if you dream of doing what you love one day and making money from it, that’s a whole different story. Maybe it’s writing fiction or painting portraits. Whatever it may be, I know for a fact that there are people out there who have monetized your skill already. And before you start saying things like “but they were lucky” or “they had connections”, consider the fact that you don’t know HOW they did it, and most of the time when I listen to my favourite creative rebels’ origin stories, the ONLY THINGS they all have in common is that they worked hard and came up with different kinds of ideas & connections.

Invest in yourself and do not delay on your personal development.

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