Self Authoring with Mike Omoniyi is an intimate, raw and unfiltered masterclass series all about becoming an author in your own life story. We are often tossed back and forth by external events, issues and situations ‘seemingly’ beyond our control. They regularly leave you feeling, frustrated deflated and powerless.

Instead of depending on external values, beliefs, and interpersonal loyalties, Self Authoring with Mike Omoniyi helps people navigate internal generation and coordination of one’s beliefs, values and internal loyalties. In essence, if we can learn how to think as authors; then we can exert more control and start to live more fulfilling and joy giving lives.

Through small, intimate, tailored and bespoke workshops; we confront, telling the truth, finance, emotional intelligence, discipline, consistency, dealing with tragedy, planning, joy and more.

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  • Despite what many may think, discipline is a learned behaviour. It requires practice and repetition in your day-to-day life. Improved self-discipline will allow you to live a freer life by helping you to make healthy choices, not emotional ones. This month we are: BUILDING REAL DISCIPLINE In this Masterclass we will,
    • Learn - the philosophy of sacrifice, delayed gratification and patience.
    • Learn - how to deal with emotional vs logical decision-making methods.
    • Learn - about time management and daily, weekly and monthly structures.
    London: The Somers Town Coffee House, Address: 60 Chalton St, Somers Town, London NW1 1HS
    Manchester: Evelyn's Cafe & Bar, Address: 44 Tib St, Manchester M4 1NB
  • While leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination, in a smooth and efficient way. They must create spaces for followers to flourish and must be able to nurture talent, bringing out the best in other people. This is a departure from most leadership plans. We want to, in our session highlight visionary thinking and bringing about change, instead of management processes that are designed to maintain and steadily improve current performance. In this Masterclass we are going to,

    Learn about time management and daily, weekly and monthly structures

    • Learn - about the process of leadership. In particular, we'll discuss the "transformational leadership" model, first proposed by James MacGregor Burns and then developed by Bernard Bass.
    • Learn - how to develop effective leadership qualities and how to deploy them.
    • Learn - about different leadership models and discuss their relative merits.
  • This Time Management Masterclass will enable participants to identify how they use their time and introduce them to valuable techniques for becoming more engaged and aware of the behaviours that affect their personal use of time management. During the duration of this class, participants will come to be familiar with the obstacles to the efficient use of their time as well as their ambitions and long term goals. They will also come to understand why they procrastinate and what stops them from delegating effectively.

    In this masterclass we will,

    • Learn - how to control interruptions so they have limited impact.
    • Learn - how to make necessary long medium and short term plans to help you schedule and organise your activities.
    • Learn - about time management and daily, weekly and monthly structures.