Micheal Timilehin Omoniyi is an award-winning social entrepreneur, leader, builder, academic, commentator, artist, activist and polymath.

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In 2019, he was recognised by the Financial Times as one of the 100 most influential leaders in Tech in the UK as the Founder and CEO of The Common Sense Network, a UK Based News Network for and by millennials. He is the Founder and Director of Our God Given Mission, a missions based charity. He is also the founder of The Apex Group, a closed group for CEO’s and Founders where they share best practice and The BAM Project, a program aimed at helping young boys reimagine masculinity. As well as founding various organisations, Micheal serves an advisor and consultant for a range of organisations, locally, nationally and internationally.

Interviews and Talks

How I Became a Serial Entrepreneur BEFORE 30 27:33

Meet the serial entrepreneur who had a taste of leadership before he was a teenager, now he is running 3 successful businesses and mentors others to unleash their dreams.

Mike Omoniyi Talks Poverty on BBC Breakfast 5:37

I was invited on the BBC Breakfast to give my thoughts on Dame Louise Caseys report into integration in the UK. The debate was about whether making people learn English would make the prospects of integration better.

Redefining Common Sense | Mike Omoniyi | TEDxBradford 16:36

At TEDxBradford 2019, Mike discussed his work in “Redefining Common Sense”; in a digital world where algorithms know us more than we know ourselves, is there a way to escape dangerous echo chambers?

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