Micheal Timilehin Omoniyi is an innovative, bold, dedicated leader and thinker. He is a serial entrepreneur and builder.

In 2018, he was recognised by the Financial Times as one of the 100 most influential leaders in Tech in the UK as the Founder and CEO of The Common Sense Network, a UK Based News Network for and by millennials. He is the Founder and Director of Our God Given Mission, a missions based charity. He is also the founder of The Apex Group, a closed group for CEO’s and Founders where they share best practice. As well as founding several initiatives and organisations, Micheal consults for various charities and organisations.

“Having worked with Micheal extensively I have seen him think and lead in ways I am yet to see anyone else emulate. He is a world change agent. Micheal has so much experience and yet retains an amazing aptitude for learning new information and skills. At demand he can draw from his extensive experiences in different sectors to lead and prove to be a more than valuable asset of any group or project.

As an ex-english Table Tennis player, ex-member of Handball English National Team, a sprinter and a sports coach who went to the University of Manchester on a sports scholarship, I have seen how tremendously focused Micheal Is. He is driven and committed and whatever he is working on, he is fixated and always delivers.

His various roles within the #YouthVoice field, Deputy Chair/Chair of various Councils, Member of Youth Parliament, Young Ambassador to the European Union, Trustee and consultant to various Organisations show his commitment and passion for change, not just for the sake of change but for a more fair, equal and free society, He works tirelessly to innovate and I know him to be a man of great integrity.”

After graduating with a 2:1 Bachelors of Arts degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the university of Manchester, he went on to obtain another Masters Degree in Political Science (Philosophy and Economics) – Democracy and elections and is currently working on a PhD, studying Balkanisation.

I know Micheal to be exceptionally talented and gifted, however, what sets him apart is his wiliness and drive to work, work and work some more to be better and to build on an amazing foundation!

He isn’t just an effective communicator, his works speak for themselves.



Social Entrepreneur

Political Commentator